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Meet the McNulty Brothers
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For young, bubbly influencer Britlyn Robbins, the small town of Cattail, Idaho was the perfect place to renovate a vintage farmhouse and share her journey online with her growing audience. But when Britlyn goes missing under suspicious circumstances, local law enforcement must determine if the beautiful woman is the victim of a local predator or her own social media success. Cattail Chief of Police Jack McNulty enlists the assistance of his nephews, Detective Corbin McNulty and Lieutenant Camden McNulty, to locate the online starlet before she goes off the grid forever. With time running out, the brothers launch dual investigations to determine who has stalked and kidnapped Britlyn:

Was it one of the residents of the small, quiet farm town, or was it a member of the larger online community watching her daily life?

To answer that question, Corb and Cam – with the help of FBI Special Agent Paget James – dig into the dark history of a local religious sect shielded from liability for its heinous crimes by a decades-old loophole in Idaho’s faith-healing law. As the worlds of Cattail and cyberspace begin to overlap, the brothers must walk a fine line between faith and fanaticism, which may require embracing the painful trauma buried in their own pasts.

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